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Ports in Momentum: SMD vs TML

Question asked by circuit_maker on Feb 21, 2017
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I am trying to simulate a structure as below:



I have to attach an SMD diode between ports, P1 and P2. I have SPICE model for the diode and C2 and L2 model the package, whereas L3 is for DC path. Separtion between P1 and P2 is 45mils whereas the pad size is 80mil/40mil.

Now, If I define port P1 and P2 as TML, the EM cosimulated results are way too different than the schematic simulation results. However, if I define them as SMD ports, the results are good and only differs little from the Schematic simulation results.

I am not sure which results to believe. I watched a video from ADS channel and I think I should go with the SMD port calibration. Could you please comment on this.