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Why does Remote Desktop display grey out when I connect with Matlab?

Question asked by PhilAtkin on Feb 16, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2017 by daras

My customer has a PNA working over RDP to a remote PC.

I've provided an application, written in Matlab and using SCPI commands over TCP/IP, that resets, configures and commands the PNA.  The application works and delivers results (more or less) as expected.

However the customer complains that, as soon as the app begins to communicate with the PNA, the RDP display shows an almost entirely greyed-out screen (Only File, Trace/Chan, ... Utility, Help menus are visible at the top, and Trigger, No Cor, LCL, and the date/time are shown in the status bar).

Is this to be expected?  Is there any way to retain the display of the PNA controls etc. whilst the app is running?

Thanks in advance!