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Genesys 2015 Eagle Error

Question asked by tczadzeck on Feb 13, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2018 by Andrew.Jon

Good Afternoon,

We are currently having problems with our 2015 Version of Keysight on one of our computers, the user is currently using Windows 10 64 bit and unable to run TLINE and PLINE as he gets an error regarding his eagle.ini. The error will be below of what he's getting.

Unfortunately my familiarity with Genesys is poor and the users that use it are not familiar with this error, most likely assuming it's related to Windows 10.

Error locating necessary initilazation files.

The EAGLEWIN.INI file in your Windows directory is invalid or does not exist, or the DEFAULT.EG$ file is located in your Eagleware directory is invalid or does not exist.

If you are running across a network, you are advised to have a local Eagleware direcotry on your CP for storage of these and other important internal information files. Please read the Network Workstation Installation section of Chapter 3 in your =SuperStar= Operation Manual pink pages.

If you have recently made changes to your system, you may need to recreate the4se files. Ths can be done by running the Eagleware installation program.


I've tried some fixes, one forum had updated tline/pline.exe's that we dropped in Genesys\Bin, also ran with admin and in windows 7 compatibility.