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HP-8702A /8753B will not work with my 85046B

Question asked by PA)AMX on Feb 13, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2017 by PA)AMX

Hello all,
I have a 8702A that is converted to 8753B with new software.
The display says ; HP 8753B.02.01 June,1988


However the 8753B will not work with a 85046B.
The transfer FWD LED is lit and that is it.


I have done some checking and it seems a fault in the output from the NA.
22V DC is OK.

The S-parameter menu is present , so the VNA sees the 85046B.

I have done the operator's check as per the manual.
Neither the coax relay nor the attenuator react.
There are no signal changes on the interconnect cable.


Has the NA somewhere in a menu an instruction to activate the communication with the 8506B ?

Or is the test set rs232 output on the rear panel faulty?


I appreciate your opinion.