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VNA Cal Kit Manager with Keysight Connection Expert on Windows 10, 64 bit

Question asked by Tedward on Feb 9, 2017
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I have an 8753E connected to my Windows 10, 64 bit PC via an Agilent E5810A GPIB-LAN unit.  I can run Keysight Connection Expert, connect to the E5810A, discover my 8753E, and query it via the Keysight Interactive IO utility e.g.


* Connected to: GPIB1::16::INSTR
-> *IDN?
<- HEWLETT PACKARD,8753E,0,7.74


I have installed VNA Cal Kit Manager and it runs up with no problems so I am trying to connect it to the 8753E, I use GPIB Settings of Board number 10 and VNA GPIB Address 16 but it always fails the Check GPIB test with GPIB Error!!!  Error in ATGpibCardOpen: error 130 Unknown error value Board 10 VNA Address 16.  I'm 99% sure that the '16' value is correct but not sure about the rest.


Is what I'm trying to do even possible on this OS, what can anyone suggest?