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34972a/34901a Thermistor Channels

Question asked by rogue on Feb 14, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2017 by tomc

Hi there,


I am planning to use all 20 channels of my 34901a multiplexer for 10k 2-wire thermistor measurements. 

I have connected Channels 101 to 106 with thermistors and there are working well but when I try to connect to channels 107 to 109, it gives me an 'OVLD' reading for both on my front panel and laptop. I haven't try on the other connections.


I have tried swapping the thermistors from channel 107 to 101 and it works which the thermistor is working. I have even tried the connection on my other multiplexers and the same problem comes up. I even tried to change the connection type from thermistors to 2-wire resistance and yet the problem still exist.


Is there a specific connection for channels 107 onwards? Am I setting it up wrong?

Please help as I really need to use all 20 channels for thermistors.