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power meter pmar ifbw

Question asked by myonezaki on Feb 6, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2017 by Dr_joel

connected a power meter e4440 to pna, pna setup uses and external amplifier and directional coupler for r1 and a1 receivers, using pmar to display power meter as a trace on pna, noticed power meter trace changes as a function of IF bandwidth setting, how is the trace from the power meter a function of the IFBW on the pna? 


with the pna in cw mode, looked at the power while the power meter was 'on-line gpib' and off, both measurements did not agree with one another, i am assuming the manual power is correct, is this not the case?  difference is 1.2dB


how should i be approaching the source/r1/b1 receiver calibration process with the external amplifier?