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34972A TRIG:SLOP, TRIG:DELAY, and SAMP:COUNT functions

Question asked by clee330 on Feb 6, 2017
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I have a question about 34972A Data Acquisition. 


I would like to use 34972A to act as DMM 34110A. 


I have used following on DMM 34110A software code: TRIG:SLOP, TRIG:DELAY, and SAMP:COUNT


but I found that 34972A doesn't have TRIG:SLOP, TRIG:DELAY, and SAMP:COUNT to do the process. I have used TRIG:SLOP to make positive slope, TRIG:DELAY to set delay and SAMP:COUNT to actually set the sampling count.

Is there any other software functions in 34972A that can set those three things?


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