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Can temperature measurements with U1272A be compensated?

Question asked by Involute on Jan 24, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2020 by glowitz

Ambient temperature measured with a K type thermocouple connected to my U1272A agrees with the constant temperature displayed in the upper right of the display (within 1 degree C). Plugging the same thermocouple into a Fluke 87 V yields a temperature 6 degrees C higher. A different K type thermocouple plugged into a third meter yields a temperature in agreement with the Fluke. This suggests the U1272A is reading low. Is there another explanation? Another test I should do? If the U1272A is, in fact, low, is there a way to compensate it? The only thing I can find in the manual is a way to null out ambient temperature (not what I'm looking for), so I assume I'm stuck with the delta, but figured I'd ask. Thanks.