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N1912 A Power meter offsets

Question asked by ljoseph on Jan 27, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2018 by ljoseph

There are three places to enter offsets in N1912A==> Channel off set, freq dep offset and display offset.


1.  I have a network consisting of RF cables , directional coupler and attenuator between  PA output and N1921A power head. I have  2 port S parameter files of this network from 1800 MHz to 2000 MHz in 1 MHz spacing. Can I use this file  as Freq Dep offset?  The examples in the manual shows frequency vs some percentage in the freq dep  offset table. Could you please explain this?


2. Suppose my network between PA output and N1921A has a loss of 52 dB at 1805 MHz. I enter 52 dB as channel offset and 1805 MHz as freq, this value of 52 dB will be used as offset, right.


3. For the case 2 above, suppose I have another number in the Freq Dep offset table along with the 52 dB  as channel offset. Will the total offset be sum of these two?


4.  It has been mentioned that “Note that when selected, frequency dependent offset corrections are applied IN ADDITION to any correction for sensor frequency response”. Could you please explain the concept of “Sensor Frequency Response offset”. 


Leyo Joseph