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Switching averaging during isolation cal

Question asked by MADENGR on Jan 20, 2017

Back in the 8510 one could bump up the averaging prior to isolation cal; i.e. there was a "resume cal" button.  In the PNA-L during unguided  or smart-cal, attempting to change the averaging kicks you out of cal.  Is there a way around this?  I'm using narrow IFBW and lots of averaging, so I'd like to save as much time as possible.  Assuming the high averaging is not needed during the normal cal steps cal; just isolation.


I'm measuring cavity isolation thus only interested in forward response.  Is there any advantage to doing a full SOLT cal, or  is response + isolation sufficient.  In some cases I may be driving a small magnetic loop, so the reflection back into port 1 will be substantial.  I assume the response+isolation will still correct for this doubled leakage path, given I use a short on port 1 during isolation cal?


There is an app-note about high dynamic range measurements, and mentions reversing the port 2 coupler to gain an additional 15 dB by directly feeding the B detector: 


I assume I'd reduce the power during cal, then increase it during measurement, and that the B receiver will warn of overload? Or do I need to dial it back several dB below overload?  Anyway to switch power between thru and isolation steps (again, the resume cal feature)?