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PNA-X FW A.10.49.10 - Where are the setting for Max Output Power for parameters that are not a Compression?

Question asked by mirek on Jan 19, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2017 by mirek

I am trying to measure DUT (60dB 100W Amplifier) with fix 32 dBm Pout  (ALC set to Source 1 B Receiver) 

The problem that I have with PNA-X is that it not allowed me set power higher than 29dBm.

My setup have 30dB safety attenuator (100W) on input to Port 2 for protection, also another 20dB internal attenuation is set on B receiver. 

My step are:

Set trace to B2 source 1.

Trigger single sweep

Set segment sweep

Set independent power in segments 

Set 0 dBm power

Perform source leveling

Perform B receiver calibration

Change source attenuation to 10 dB (the gain is so high that I need to pull back the power and give extra power margin)

Attempt to set power of 32 dBm the system will only aloud around 29dBm.

The next step is setting RX receiver for ALC leveling and assigning B receiver.


From the above you can see that there will be big diffrence between source power (-28dBm) to receiver ALC power (32 dBm). The system limits, blocking setting of power above 29dBm.


Where are the setting for Max Output Power for parameters that are not a Compression? 

The port power limits setting in Power and Attenuation do not appear to have any impact.


The system should know just from receiver calibration how much max power can be apply or at list such option should be allowed.