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PNA-X FW. A.10.49.10 -  Receiver cal shoot off after switching from segmented mode to power sweep

Question asked by mirek on Jan 19, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2017 by mirek

I think I found bug in PNA-X FW A.10.49.10. 

I ma trying to perform  power sweep test on amp that operate between 2500 MHz to 6000 GHz, so I set segment sweep and set the frequency to have avery 25MHz step with in the above range. 

I perform source power cal and receiver cal. After that I change Sweep Type to Power Sweep (it show default frequency 1GHz - that outside my calibration range). Once I did that it shoot off receiver calibration (source leveling look like it is still OK). That look like normal behavior. I change the frequency to 2.5GHz  (my first calibrated frequency point). The calibration did not turn ON. I have to manually force the calibration to be on.


I repeat the above process, however in this case I use Trigger single sweep. Even under Trigger Hold when you switch the segmented sweep to power sweep and you immediately change the CW frequency to be with in calibrated range it still shoot off the receiver calibration.

That behavior is especially problematic if you are using some test program and try to control the PNA-X remotely.


The receiver calibration (source too) should automatically be apply if you are with in calibrated frequency.