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How do port extension calculate the loss?

Question asked by Mar on Jan 17, 2017
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I am wondering how the Network Analyzer calculate the loss after we do the port extension.

I use the network analyzer (DC to 43.5GHz) to do s2p measurement. The problem is, The PNA-X is 2.4mm cable but the DUT SMA is 2.9mm connector.


First, I callibrate the 2.4mm cable loss up to E-cal reference plane. Then, I add the 2.4mm to 2.9mm adapter to the cable (both port 1 and port 2) and do the port extension calibration. I set the velocity factor to 1.00 and do 'measure open' in the auto port extension pop out. 


Figure 1:         2.4mm cable ----------------| 2.4mm E-cal |---------------- 2.4mm cable


Figure 2:         2.4mm cable ------------|2.4mm to 2.9mm|             |2.9mm to 2.4mm|-----------------2.4mm cable


Do you mind to explain how the adapter loss is calculated? How do I confirm that the loss is correct?

Does with port extension and without port extension will affect the s2p performance?


Thank you.