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How to plot continuously varying graphs in SMU/ with the help of SMU B2900A

Question asked by Nithya on Jan 10, 2017


I would like to discuss a doubt regarding B2900A Series Precision Source/Measure Unit ( SMU ). When a component or any communication module connected to it, we can measure the output voltage/current/power as DC values. That values are also changing as time changes. But when I tried to plot a continuous graph, I got a graph based on some first few instantaneous values only. I need a continuous plot ( plot of readings which continuously varying with respect to time) of the same. So that only I can recognize the variations very easily by observing the peaks or slopes from the graph.  Is it possible to get such a continuous plot from the SMU device.? If so kindly help me by providing the needful steps for achieving it. Awaiting a reply.