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HP 8563E Having problems running the manual YTF offset/Slope calibration

Question asked by uwave-guy on Jan 5, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2017 by dhamilton

Hello Hp/Agilent Fans. I recently accuired a HP8563E that I am bringing back to life. It has a Worn CRT but I have one in transit. Otherwise working ok but I want to enter option 008 and wanted to make a Copy of the EEProm first. I used the copy EEprom function but somehow it lost some of its calibration. I have not a flat response over 2.9Ghz. I had that before and I can peak the signal I see. I would say a -10dBm signal can at Places read 2-2.5dB low until I press Tracking filter autotune then ok.

There are in the service manual a section for adjusting Offset and Slope of the YTF.

I try to follow the manual adjustment but I can´t get it to Work using a service manual from 1999. My unit is a 3410A firmware 102894. I Wonder what I do wrong. Anyone can explain me the way to adjust it correctly.

Maybe my unit is older HW and need alternative method.

73 Peter OZ1LPR