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How Can I make IRemoteAte Interface in the C++ via COM?

Question asked by SH001 on Jan 9, 2017

I am making remote client program in the C++. 


but Keysight reference code and programming guide only for C#. 


So, I need to access .dll(Keysight.DigitalTestApps.Framework.Remote.dll) using COM. 


As the Programming guide, to get(or make) ATE interface object, 


// Get ATE remote interface object
IRemoteAte remoteAte = RemoteAteUtilities.GetRemoteAte(ipAddress);


but there is no interface for RemoteAteUtilities class on the Keysight.DigitalTestApps.Framework.Remote.tlb or



Ask about How to create an IRemote Interface or access RemoteAteUtilities class? 


N5452A Version : 3.50

Development OS: Windows7 32bit