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How to make receiver leveling works?

Question asked by JackoLCH on Dec 27, 2016
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I would like to do receiver leveling when I testing on-wafer devices , active or passive ones.

But I am not sure that if I did it correctly or not.

Here my procedures:

1. A standard 2 port calibration ,

2. Source power cal for port1/port2 with power sensor

3. Reciever power cal for A,2/B,1

4. Go to "power and attenuator" tab, click the "receiver leveling" button, then set power leveling for port-1/port-2 with R1/R2.

However, I didn't see any kind of power adjustment when R1/R2/A/B were monitored after doing procedures above.

Did I miss any step or I did something wrong?

-My instrument is N5247A-