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Several additional questions about SA option in PNA-X

Question asked by Macree on Dec 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2017 by Dr_joel

I want to say thank you to Dr.Joel for previous answers.You wrote so much to explain these questions to me.But I still have questions that I can't figure out.The first thing is how to determine sample points according to window shape.When we do FFT,there is a equation:N=Fs/RBW,which is written on a DSP book I read.But the sample points changes when I change window shape.Does it mean the frequency resolution will change after windowing?What's the relation between window and sample points.Is there a function to calculate the sample points according to sample rate,window shape and RBW?The second question is,the "number of LOs" seems not equal to span*N/68MHz when I use it.I tested some frequency span and image reject selection and made a list.How does this happen?