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pna-x losing connection with external PSG for A.10.49.10 firmware

Question asked by rok on Dec 20, 2016
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I'm running the latest A.10.49.10 firmware on the PNA-X. The issue my technicians are observing on all the 3 PNA-X systems we have in use is that it sometimes loses connection to external PSG that is connected to it. We load a variety of csa files that will set the external PSG to some defined CW frequency and power level. We also switch the 'Trigger Source' from 'Manual' to 'Internal' and vice versa, depending on whether we want to run in automatic mode, or single channel triggering mode. When it is not working (i.e. not communicating with the PSG), we can see on the lcd display of the E8257D PSG that the 'RF On' display is not enabled, even though we are trying a 'Single' trigger mode. Sometimes, it also doesn't set the correct frequency or power level as well. One way to fix it is to close the 'Network Analyzer' windows program and then to restart it again. That seems to fix it for awhile before the problem crops up again. Another way is to set the external PSG to 'Local' mode, and to manually press the hardkeys to the correct frequency & power level and then pushing the 'RF On/Off' hardkey to enable the RF. Then it seems to work again. 


In looking through the release notes for this version of the firmware, the one item I noticed was:

'Fixed bug where the frequency external source was not getting set during ramp sweep'.


So I'm not sure if that might have broken some of the external frequency source functionality. Note that in the prior firmware versions before A.10.49.10, we never had this problem before. If someone can look into this, that would be greatly appreciated.