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Callable VEE and .NET

Question asked by Parcin on Dec 29, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2017 by Mike


I know how to call .NET from VEE (using dll).

I know how to call VEE function from .NET (using callable server).

But does anyone know how to call VEE function from dll that was called by the same VEE?


My main aplication is in VEE. I want to create GUI in .net so I created dll in Visual Studio. Now from this dll I want to call some fuction from the same VEE program that called dll. When I use callable server it open new instance of my VEE program but I need to call function form the same VEE program that called dll. Maybe there is a way to configure callable server to reference to parent VEE? Any ideas?

I'm using VEE 9.2, C# and Visual Studio 2013.


Thank you.

Martin P.