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8563A 33321rv attenuator fail

Question asked by maxniz on Dec 27, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2018 by maxniz

my 8563A one mounth ago, began  with "freq uncal" on screen  and stopped any became very but very slow in changing page and any functions didn't work .last day the instrument  didn't turn on and  only LINE was bright i opened and i have found the +15 and -15 v leds off. i thought it was a ps problem  but it works ok .the problem is about two diode in cc inside 33321rv attenuator. i think that they could be zener ???? simple diode ??? then ,there's a coil always powered .i think itsn't normal  because everyone is bistable . on the printed circuit there are some  ic ..are they custom??? to design or rebuild the circuit is simple but I must know what it do...

i looking for the schematic or some advice......

can you help me ???


thanks Max