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Question asked by jhoo on Feb 15, 2010
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Please pardon the newbie question.

Is there a historical product selection guide that can assist me when browsing for used HP spectrum analyzers?

I'm looking for a >6GHz bw, with H/GPIB control which I can also read out the raw tabular sample data.    It's not clear to me if some of the early boxes with H/GPIB just allowed control of the analog scope, but no data collection beyond plotting?  (HP8569?)

Or, is it safe to assume that all HP spectrum analyzers with GPIB had at least some kind of digital data output, even if only limited sample size? (HP8593, HP8566?)

I found some programming manuals, but was hoping to perhaps find an old HP buyer's guide/cheat-sheet that lists record depth, resolution, sample download speed, etc.

Again, apologies in advance, but am wading into the eBay/used equipment market for something <$1000 to start with and I'm not sure which models to look at/avoid.    (Nor could I find anything on this forum with a search.)