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Object alignment

Question asked by MarkusK on Dec 16, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2016 by MarkusK

Hi, I got a very basic question I guess.
Before using EmPro, I made some Simulations with CST Studio.
In CST you can choose a reference Plane for a new Object just by clicking on an edge or face.
For example, you have created a rectangular box with the depth “d”, stored as a variable. Now you can choose the front Plane of the rectangular box as reference plane. Then you create another object and it is aligned to the reference Plane, means it is aligned to the rectangular box.


So now, if you change the value of “d” which is the depth of the rectangular box, the second created object also changes its position, so it's still aligned to the rectangular box.


I can't find the possibility to do this in EmPro. So I need to Specify the position in the “Specify Orientation” menu when creating a new object. Using variables which give the relative position to the origin as a function of “d”.
This is very uncomfortable and gets confusing when creating larger Structures.


Hope you can help me.


Thanks, Markus