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CMOS battery low

Question asked by qbjorn on Dec 7, 2016

I have an old 54825 scope that stopped working last month.

It now says 'CMOS battery low' on ths startup screen and when I enter the bios I can see that the IDE interface isn't enabled so it can't find and boot from the hd.

The motherboard is of the type Atlas III.

I tried to find a battery on it but it seems to be built into the RTC chip so I ordered a new DS12887A and replaced the old one (luckily it's socketed!),

Alas, it doesn't help. I've also measured the soldered Lithium battery on the scope PCI board but its voltage is 3.17V which in my view is more than enough considering it's a 3V battery.


Does anyone know what battery that's being referred to in the 'CMOS battery low' message?