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Error 0xBFFF0015

Question asked by janedoeadeer on Dec 2, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2016 by Dr_joel

Hey there,

I know this error has been discussed to death in this forum. I spent a good chunk of yesterday googling to try to solve my problem, but a lot of the solutions posted here are over my head. I'm just an analyst, and have been tasked with getting the GC connected to a new computer. I'm not a programmer or coder, but my knowledge of computers in general is decent. I made some progress but have hit a wall, and I hope someone can help me. This is the equipment/software I'm dealing with:

6890A GC
GC GPIB card
version D of chemstation
32-bit windows XP SP 3
IO Libraries 16.3.17914.4 (downloaded this specifically because it's the latest version that supports XP SP 3)
(if it matters - 7673 tower with a controller box)
version D of chemstation

The previous computer that the GC connected just fine with was using an ISA HPIB card with version B of chemstation. The OS is Windows 2000 Pro SP 4. I have no idea how much of this is relevant.

This is what the Agilent Connection Expert looks like right now:

I got the checkbox to turn green by unchecking auto-identify

When I try to send commands to the instrument, I get this error:
! VI_ERROR_TMO: A timeout occurred
Visa ErrorCode: 0xBFFF0015 (-1073807339)

A lot of the solutions I see deal with programming or code that I don't know how to do. Is there any slightly less complicated fix I can try? Or is there a way to post the code it IS using so someone can look at it? Thanks for reading if you got this far.