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Genesys - Tuning a variable that is common in multiple parts

Question asked by Chazman on Nov 28, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2017 by wrivas

I created a varactor diode with a parameter C. I have made the C value tunable. I have multiple diodes. I want to tune them all with the same value of C. In the tune window they each have their own part prefix such as D1.C, D2.C, D3.C, ...

How do I reference them so that I can tune them with the same value of C together? I tried doing it in the equation window by equating D1.C = ?CVal and D2.C = ?CVal etc. but this didn't work. How do I do this? I'm designing a tunable filter so I would like to see the tuning of the filter as I vary a common C value but I would also like to do an analysis to see how sensitive the design is to varactor C matching which requires separate C values for each diode to run a monte carlo.