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16902b video issues

Question asked by dfnr2 on Nov 21, 2016

Hi all,


I picked up a 16902B mainframe cheaply as "for parts or repair."  The seller could not get the LCD screen to work, but they claimed they were able to use an external monitor.  I am able to get a display on bootup, and when I use the boot options to select "Boot in VGA mode."  However, if I don't boot in VGA mode, or if I try to change the settings to 1024x768, or anything else, my external monitor goes blank, and indicates failure to sync.  I've tried with two monitors.  Any suggestions?  The system otherwise appears to boot a working copy of XP and boots the analyzer software, which shows no licenses and no installed modules.


I could just set it up in VGA mode, then use it via Remote Desktop, which was actually my original thought.  However, I would really like to get this working properly if possible.  Any suggestions?  The BIOS has a setting to reset to defaults for the 15" LCD, which I tried.  I also tried setting the BIOS for onboard video instead of PCI (presumably selecting external monitor over the LCD.)


I am also wondering if whatever is causing this issue could also be why the LCD isn't working.


The Windows installation seems intact.  Would there be any benefit to trying to restore it to original?  I don't have a restore CD.


By the way, the license key on the back of the mainframe seems to actually be a Windows Vista key.  What does that mean?


Currently I'm running a 16900A turned around with the back toward my bench.  I picked this up because I thought the faster processor would be a bit snappier than the old PIII in the 'A.  Once I have this set up and the software updated, I'll transfer the modules over.


I actually tried to post on the Keysight forums, where I have an account, but could not convince that godawful custom forum app to let me post.