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Performance Test of the N5230A - Dynamic Accuray.

Question asked by jjensen on Aug 29, 2007
From the description of the Dynamic Accuracy test in the manual I figured that I could duplicate this by using an 8902A opt 050 to monitor the power.  I tested at 1 GHz and it appeared to work fine.  I believe that I only need to test 1 frequency because I believe, but am not certain of the following:
1. The test is getting at circuits after down converting of the signal.  Mixer response or linearity is not an issue. 

2. We are not trying to verify the error correction of the calibration. 
(A reference is established on both the PNA and 8902A at each frequency.)  Due to the 0 to -120-dBm range of the test I assume a calibration is required.

Can anyone enlighten me on this?