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Recreating the hard drive on an N9020A

Question asked by swperk on Nov 9, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2017 by dhamilton

I just acquired an N9020A that is complete except that the hard drive is missing. All of the other hardware is present and appears to be in good condition. Based on the BIOS screen, I believe it has an older generation PC2 processor card that requires Windows XP.


To try to get it running, I installed an old N9010A system hard drive (with Windows XP and XSA version 14.16) from an EXA that had been upgraded with a new processor card and Windows 7. The N9020A boots up, runs through the self-tests and alignments, gives several warnings about N9010A options that are present on the N9010A not being present on the N9020A, and eventually loads the signal analyzer application. As it tries to start the program, it complains "Command protected: SAMS not licensed" (and I assume that SAMS is the acronym of the basic signal analyzer application). I end up with a screen that has the title bar, display window, and softkey frames, but no grid or trace, and no softkey labels.


I believe all that I need to get this running is the proper set of license files for the N9060A applications. Are they available anywhere? Since these are included with every analyzer, I would hope that there would be no licensing or authorization issues with getting them and installing them.