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DSO6104L PC interfacing problem

Question asked by obaidullah on Nov 5, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2016 by ksmith
I am trying to interface my DSO6104L with a PC but neither a USB connection nor a LAN connection appears to work. I already have installed the Agilent connection expert, the IVI shared components and the drivers for DSO6104L on my computer.
While the manual:
says that the oscilloscope should be detected automatically, when connected through a USB cable, when I connect the oscilloscope, windows fails to detect it. I have attached a screenshot as well.
I also have tried to connect the oscilloscope through a LAN connection, but to my surprise, even being on the the same subnet, the oscilloscope does not appear in the connection expert. I also tried manual connection by using oscilloscope's IP address, but that too isn't resolving the problem.
Nothing appears on the connection expert even when the oscilloscope is connected both through a USB cable and as well as through LAN. I have attached an image of this as well.
Please let me know how should I proceed.