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plotting power spectrum Agilent 3567A

Question asked by marcisim on Feb 7, 2010
Hi! I'm using Agilent 3567A to get the power spectrum of a signal between 100 and 900 Hz with 400 resolution lines. (I'm doing the same for an other signal between 60 Hz and 1.66 kHz).
After generating 4 matlab arrays by launching sdftoml on the .dat file i got from the FFT analyzer, i would like to plot the power spectrum yet without giving the program explicitly neither the minimum nor maximum frequency i was looking to (i guess this information should be contained in one of the four arrays).

The four arrays i got are (for power spectrum btw. 100 and 900 Hz with 400 res.lines.):

c1 ------> 401x1          3208 bytes          double          (I guess it contains the power data)

c1x0 ------> -12          8 bytes               double           (i guess it contains the datum to get the information relative to the minimum or maximum frequency I was looking to)

c1xi ------> 2             8 bytes                double          (i guess it is the resolution in Hz)

c1 xl------> 1             8 bytes                double          (i guess it is the number of active channels)

Is there anybody who can interpret the value contained in c1xi?? (for pwr. spec. bw. 60 Hz and 1.66 kHz, c1x0 contains -164 and has the same format as in the previouse case)