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Balun3Port to S2P Connection ADS

Question asked by znses on Nov 3, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2016 by BarrettP

I have imported S2P file for two antennas simulation of S parameters and I want to connect each port to a Balun3port since Balun3port in ADS has two outputs ( + and -) I tried to activate reference port of S2P so that I can connect ( + and -) of Balun3port to port 1 and the reference port of S2P for port 1 of S2P and similar for port 2 of S2P but I always receive a warning No reference to ground and the result does not show me the resonance frequency I wanted Is there any idea on how to connect Balun3port to a differential S2P file in ADS


Is this the right way to connect Balun3port to S2P file and how to show differential S2P file ?