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GPIB-VXI/C Card showing up as Instrument

Question asked by matthewdumas on Oct 28, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2016 by Mike

Recently I obtained two different VXI chasis at a hamfest with multiple instruments. All of these instruments are old, still in use in industry, and no longer supported by their manufacturers. This means that I'll need to make programs for all of them.


In efforts to do that I purchased an 82357b USB-to-GPIB cable and have been trying to set it up for about a week. The cable works fine, but the connection expert sees the GPIB-VXI/C card as an instrument instead of a VXI interface, which makes everything much harder (possibly impossible) to communicate with my register based instruments. It does, however, see the message based instruments as their own GPIB devices (once I assign them an address). 


Does anyone know how to make this cable see the VXI/C interface as a VXI chasis so I can start adding the register based instruments to the computer?