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Get the information from a ckt file and calibration Z0

Question asked by benalcazardiego on Nov 2, 2016

I am working with the ENA E5071C. I am using a Picoprobe Calibration Substrate # CS-5. However I can only access a ckt file. Is there any way to get the information from this ckt to create a ckx file?.
Another question: In the VNA manual it says that "System Z0 should be changed to 1 ohm before calibration when using waveguide calibration kit and measuring waveguide devices" Shall I use 1 ohm with the CS-5? What I understand is that before starting the calibration I should set the system Z0 to 1 ohm and after finishing the calibration and before starting the measurements I should establish it to 50 ohm again (my deive has an impedance of 50 ohms), am I right?
Thanks for your help