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Can't programatically set BWLimit for a MSO9404A

Question asked by ljmahoney on Nov 1, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2016 by ljmahoney

I'm trying to set the bandwidth limit on an Infiniium MSO9404A and a MSOS804A. 

I successfully able to send the appropriate "S" series form of the SCPI commands to enable/disable and set the bandwidth limit for the MSOS804A.  (e.g. :channel1:bwlimit 200e6)

I have not been able to set the bandwidth limit for the MSO9404A programmatically.  I get an error 25 for any form of the 9000 series command (e.g, :channel1:bwlimit 1).    Note that it does not return an error attempting to disable bwlimit. 


I can set the bandwidth limit just fine from the user interface.  Even then the SCPI query just returns 0 regardless of how the BW limit is set. 


Is BWLimit not supported for this model?  Am I don't something wrong?