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BT basic syntax issue

Question asked by BGDN on Oct 20, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2016 by ANDREL

I am trying to output a log header in xml format, my output should look like this  <Test Number ="34" value="555" />


So i have been playing with print using  .....


Now in my bt basic environment I have defined bellow


F$ = """<Test Number=""  ,"""& val$(34) & ""","" value="","""&val$(555)&""",/"

print using F$ -> prints out:      <Test Number=34   value=555



But I want to have some xml format, there fore between the values, I need character ",   my desired output should look this       Test Number ="34" value="555"


My question is, how to add the " inside my ouput?  I have tryied even with chr$(34) but I get syntax erros, in the documentation I have not found similar syntax for image