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BenchVue: Real-time subtraction by a saved waveform

Question asked by anhchu on Oct 14, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2016 by w0dz

Hello everyone,


In my application I need to do background subtraction, which mean I measure the system output with and without the signal, and then subtract the two to get the wanted signal. I have a DSO7034A scope and the BenchVue software installed in my PC, so one procedure I am thinking of as follows:

- BenchVue capture the system output without the signal, then save into a file (or keep it in the software memory)

- BenchVue capture the output with the signal, then subtract this waveform from the previously saved data, and display the subtracted waveform.


Does BenchVue supports this kind of real time calibration? I checked the Test Flow but there seems to be no functions/commands to use.

Can you suggest a way to make it work?


Thanks a lot,

BR Anh