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E8363B/E8364B firmware past A.07.50.xx to A.09.xx.xx?

Question asked by miyamky on Oct 12, 2016
Latest reply on May 31, 2017 by hudla

We have 2 older PNAs that I'd like to upgrade the firmware in order to get access to :MMEM:TRAN? (and a few others).  One is an E8363B at revision A.07.50.60 and the other is an E8364B at A.07.50.48.  Going through the recommended firmware versions I see that these two types don't support version A.09.xx.xx (both should be either latest production A.07.50.48 or latest customer A.07.50.67).  However, it does state " could use revision 8.xx or 9.xx firmware (up to 9.42.xx)..."


I was thinking of using version A.09.42.22 (which I know supports MMEM:TRAN and HCOP:SUM:DATA and MMEM:STOR:DATA to add the .prn and .csv files which v7 doesn't support).


A) Is this safe?

C) If it fails, can I easily go back to, say A.70.50.67?

D) If all above is okay, is release A.09.33.09 or A.09.42.22 a better choice?


I understand that possibly some of the GUI features of A.09.xx.xx may not be available but the manual users will only need what they currently have and I realize that some of my SCPI commands will need to be updated for existing SW.