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Ecal verification

Question asked by theamberco on Oct 10, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2016 by DavidVW

Hi, I have a PNA E8357A and a 85093-60007 Ecal I have the following questions:

My Ecal has the same female sex so I do have to characterize it with a M to M barrel and go thru the menus so I will use the one in the 85054B cal kit. 

Do I have to put the barrel at the port A or B of the Ecal? Does it matter if I put port B of the Ecal to port 1 of the VNA and port A of the Ecal  to port 2 of the VNA?  How would I know if the Ecal calibration with the characterized barrel went ok? how do I interpret Ecal confindence check?.

Now I also have a 85053B ver. kit.with PNA data. But when I go to the system verification I get the 85055A N type ver kit choosen automatically and I cant chage it. (I do have a 85055A but with not PNA data) I also have the N type cal. kit 85052B but that cal kit cant be used to verify it either it ask for another cal kits I dont have.