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Are there any better cal kit parameters when using an 85054B on an low frequency VNA?

Question asked by drkirkby on Oct 8, 2016

The 85054B is designed for use to 18 GHz and so I assume the coefficients are optimized to cover that full 18 GHz frequency span. Although I have a 20 GHz VNA, I also have a 3 GHz one (8753ES), and suspect that there would be more suitable parameters for use to 3 GHz. Has anyone derived them, and can share them? I also regularly use the 85054B to 6 GHz on my 8720D, and rarely above 6 GHz.


A related question. Can anyone share a Keysight calibration certificate for an 85054B or 85054D? I suspect that has the modeled phase, and on the off chance there are sufficient frequency points, I could fit my own polynomial to the phase listed on the cal certificate as the Keysight model.