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Momentum Optimization issue

Question asked by Riju on Oct 4, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2016 by bafisher

I parameterized components in schemtaic then I generate/update layout from the schematic. In the layout, I renamed the variable name and run EM simulation and the generated EM Model is imported in the schematic with other component/circuitry for cosimulation and optimization.


cosimulation optimization settings


I want to optimize the stub lengths (ss1/2wel and tl1/2wel variables) in the cosimulation, but I am facing few problems...


1. I set Random optimization and each pass is taking huge time (45 to 50 minutes)

2. After 2 to 3 pass, it terminates with the following error message.

optimization error

3. After getting the optimized values (although not fully optimized, I updated the design after it unexpectedly terminated with the error message shown above), I get one result. But if I apply those changes of parameters in the layout and again do EM simulation and replace the old model by this newly updated EM model I get different result although the parameter values are same.


Another problem I am facing is - in layout drawing, when I generate the layout from schematic having transmission lines, I cant point the marker exactly at the edge point of transmission lines in spite of setting denser grid. If I zoom in I can see the point/marker doesnt coincide with the edges of microstrip line,