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How do I speed up my DMM readings?

Question asked by profray on Sep 29, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2016 by tomc

I have a 34401A connected to my computer via RS-232. I am measuring two quantities from the same input signal, ie AC voltage which can range from about 6 mV to 1 Volt, and frequency which ranges 40-80 Hz. The accuracy of both measurements is 41/2 digits, or at least I would like to start there. I am controlling the DMM from Excel Visual Basic and have other tasks to do within VBA besides these. I have to take the readings alternately over time, ie ACVolt(1), Freq(1), ACVolt(2), Freq(2)...So far, my best speed is taking one ACVolt and one Freq reading in 3 seconds. Is this the fastest I can do with it? I have run the DMM Connectivity Utility and it seems to do better, but of course only reads one quantity. I've been through the manual and tried the "fastest" configurations and disabling automatic features and display, but I'm stuck with 1 pair of data every 3 seconds.