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How to make VEE release a resource!!

Question asked by Sima on Sep 28, 2016
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I have a problem with imported dlls in VEE. I have developed a test program, test.vee, which imports 2 dlls to control a wifi device and a wifi test instrument.


If an error occurs in the external routine and the routine fails, VEE locks some resources and keeps the connection to instrument. How can I make VEE to release the resources and terminate the connection. 


I start the instrument from another instance of the same program(test.vee) and it works as normal. If I close and open the failed program it will also work. So, I guess that although the program is not hanging, it is in a state that needs a reset to come out from.


The same problem happens if I stop the test program in the middle of running by pressing stop button. Then to start again will fail until I close and reopen VEE.



I appreciate any advice. Thanks



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