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Recreating FFT

Question asked by bme on Sep 26, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2016 by Josho

Hello all, 


I am working on obtaining small voltage data via an "Agilent Infinitii Vision DSO-C 2022A."

I then save these voltage and FFT data to a .csv format. The problem is that the transfer time is much too long to save the more than100,000 data points we are obtaining from the scope.

I wrote a program that would run an FFT on the voltage data after the fact, therefore eliminating the need to export the FFT data as well, hereby saving over 600 hrs of file write time.


I attempted to unify the calculated FFT with the acquired FFT as a means of checking my work. I used a normal distribution of random noise to do this but I am coming up with very different results when I am comparing the two.


Here are some of the factors/specifications that I have been using to do this: 

Hanning windowing

volts converted to dBV

sample rate 2^15 samples/sec

2 sec window