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S-parameters from a RF Circuit - Circulator created from LC resonators

Question asked by eduardogs on Sep 22, 2016

Hello everyone.


I am trying to simulate, for my undergraduate thesis, a new RF circulator that was published by Nature Physics on article called "Magnetic-free non-reciprocity and isolation based on parametrically modulated coupled-resonator loops".


My doubt is how to create a setup that understands one RF signal (sweep from 140MHz to 200Mhz) modulated by a signal with fixed frequency (15Mhz) and that has phase 120º difference between each one. After this, my goal is to plot S parameters and see the transmission from port 1 to ports 2 and 3. My curent setup in ADS2011 use HB Simulation. But the results are not good.


I have the article and I can send to you to read and understand better the problem if you wish.


Best regards.