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HP 8590b: no boot after replacing battery

Question asked by rezfo on Sep 24, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2016 by rezfo

I recently cheaply got an HP8590b spectrum analyzer (front panel says 50ohm, but option menu says 001, 75ohm) having a dead battery and booting with an error (0030-00000000). After replacing the battery, the instrument does not boot
anymore: I have to remove the battery, short the supercap (by a resistor) to <1v and again it boots (with the same
error). I also noticed that there is no pwron store on the cal menu, but I have no specific service manual for
hp8590b. Other issues: when the instrument has booted (only with no battery...), the center frequency is tens of
mhz wrong (must set an offset of about 78mhz) and the instrument locks up if pressing the PRESET button (must cycle power to boot again), also, having connected input to cal bnc it does not calibrate (ends with "cal signal not found").
Is somebody able to help or provide the service manual?

Thanks in advance, Ernest