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Exporting S2P data (CSV, etc) Uniformly

Question asked by BarrettP Employee on Sep 22, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2016 by BarrettP

I am trying to export frequency simulation data (rather, manipulate simulation data) that was performed using an adaptive sweep; However, I need my data to be uniformly sampled. Is there a way to interpolate the data accessed by getResult() so it is uniformly sampled? I imagine there must be, since it can be plotted continuously.


I know I can do this if I bring my S2P files into ADS, read the files in and run a linear frequency sweep, and then write the files back out, but the whole reason I need my data uniformly sampled is to circumvent using ADS for data processing. If I have to use ADS anyways, there is no point, especially since EMPro cannot read S2P files back in.