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ADS: How to setup discrete optimizer on differential design

Question asked by HB9DTX on Sep 15, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2016 by HB9DTX

I have a symmetrical (balanced) matching / filtering network built using discrete components that I'd like to optimize using ADS 2016. I use the murata library of components so that parasitics are included in the simulation. This works fine.

I managed to run the optimizer so that a set of component is proposed by the optimizer to reach the goal. To do this a set the component parameter/part Number to the "Discrete optimizer setting" for all the component that I wanted the simulator to optimize.


My problem is that the component set provided as outpit of the optimization process is not "symmetrical".  The simulator didn't recognize that my design was balanced, and that it makes sense to change the value in both branches the same way.

In other word I'd like to put a constraint on the components, so that the optimizer selects the same value for corresponding components in each branch of the circuit, in order to keep it symmetrical.

How can I set this up in an easy way?

Side note I am rather new to ADS...