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+882, ‘Arb: Segment too small

Question asked by Tsquared58 on Sep 19, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2016 by w0dz

Using BenchVue Function Generator app to control a 33512.  Getting an error message in BenchVue that states “+882, ‘Arb: Segment too small’” when trying to load most .arb files.  3 out of 21 files load correctly and work.  18 of our 21 files do not load and do not work and report “+882, ‘Arb: Segment too small" but not sure why.


We have the 16 mega sample memory upgrade in the 33512.  We have the 33512 connected to our laptop via Ethernet.  We can control the internal functions with no issues, such as sine, square, etc.  The internal .arb waveforms work fine.  


The 3 .arb files which work range from 300,000 samples to 550,000 samples.  The 18 files which do not work are both smaller and larger than the 3 that work fine.  I have attached two good .arb files and two bad .arb files.


The 33512 is using firmware 3.05-1.19-2.00-52-00, and the Keysight site states that 3.05 is the current revision.  It looks that we have the current firmware installed.


I copied the bad1.arb file below onto a usb stick and directly loaded with no errors to the 33512 via its usb port, so I believe I have identified the issue to BenchVue. 


Any suggestion as to why the 33512 will report “+882, ‘Arb: Segment too small’”?